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Chapter 6 - Assignment 4 - Tim Thyne Chapter 6 Assignment 4...

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Tim Thyne – Chapter 6 – Assignment 4 – 4/11/05 Search any of the sites listed on your “Business on the Internet” and explain its usefulness for someone considering starting a business. The idea of owning a company is what motivates several entrepreneurs to give up the desk job and make a rather large investment in something they can call their own. This sounds great, but most would-be businesses fail before the doors even open. It is usually because nobody told these people what to do or how to do it, that caused these ideas to never materialize. After a little research, I found that www.Business.gov is the best free website in preparing the entrepreneur with the “How to” for opening the doors for good. It poses questions like “Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?” It prepares you for: Launching, Managing, Growing, and Getting Out. Launching tells how to build the foundation of your company by finding a mentor, writing a plan, choosing a structure and more.
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