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A.Functions and Identification of organ systems 1.Respiratorymaintains blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. 2.Nervescontrols muscular and glands by electric impulses; helps control homeostasis 3.Muscularcauses movement of bones 4.integumentarywaterproof barrier that blocks the entrance of pathogens into the body and prevents the loss of water from the body 5.Cardiovasculartransports nutrients, oxygen, and carbon dioxide throughout the body. 6.Digestive changes food into absorbable nutrients; expels waste 7.Urinaryregulates composition 8.Endocrineuses hormones to control cell function; help control homeostasis. 9.Skeletalprovides framework for the body and protects body organs. 10.Reproductionproduces gametes (sperm and egg) 11.Lymphaticreturns fluid to the bloodstream and provides protection against pathogens that have entered the body. B.Organ system Identification 1.Spleen –Lymphatic System 2.Liver-Digestive System 3.Trachea-Respiratory System 4.Blood Vessels-Cardiovascular System
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