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Tim Thyne 02/11/08 Becoming A Person of Influence: Chapter 8 Summary You can connect with people and lead them only if you value them. Weak leaders sometimes get so caught up in the vision of where they’re going that they forget the people they’re trying to lead. When you let people know that you don’t take them for granted, they turn around and do the same to you. Anytime you devalue people, you question God’s creation of them. If you desire to accomplish something great and really want to see it happen, you
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Unformatted text preview: need to possess a make-a-difference attitude. Anytime you want to connect with another person, start where both of you agree. Being genuine is the single most important factor when communicating with others. To build bridges that connect you to people in a lasting way, share common experiences with them. Trying to move others before going through the connection process with them can lead to mistrust, resistance, and strained relationships....
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