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Unit 5 Submittal Form - Answers for the Chap 15...

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CIS 100 Online Name: Tim Thyne Unit 5 Submittal Form SS# XXX-XX- 6048 Answers for Chap 12 Dr. Watson : 1. How is Dr. Watson used to diagnose system faults? 2. How can you open Dr. Watson from the Start menu? 3. Dr. Watson is classified as a debugger. What is a debugger? Answers for the Chap 13 JavaOne Conference : 1. What does it mean that Java is open-source software? Anyone can view/use the coding 2. Is Java a visual or object-oriented programming language? visual 3. How do you account for Java’s popularity? Answers for the Chap 14 Online Sales : 1. Which company did you select? 2. What products does it have available? 3. Is the Web site easy to navigate? Why or why not?
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Unformatted text preview: Answers for the Chap 15 Interviewing for an IT Career Questions : 1. Was the interview helpful? Why or why not? 2. Which question was the most difficult? 3. List one tip you found helpful. Remember: A limit of two units can be submitted in one calendar week. A calendar week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. No more than two units per week will be accepted for grading. If you submit more than two units, the additional units will be returned to you ungraded. Be sure to plan your work accordingly if you wish to complete the course or receive an Incomplete grade by the end of the quarter....
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