U100 - AL Final - Strategy Implementation I will implement...

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Tim Thyne U100 – Gaines T. Gaines 12/1/2006 Action Learning Final Project Student:  Tim Thyne Course:  Management 120: Introduction to Business Instructor:  Dr. Monty Lynn Focus of Strategy:  Preparing for Final Exam in Management 120 Description of Strategy: My final exam will cover Chapters 17 and 18 in my textbook. The teacher has  prepared a study guide for the final exam. First I will read chapters 17 and 18 while  working through my study guide. Then I will complete the short-answer questions on the  study guide. Once my study guide is completed, I will create recoding questions from the  study guide. The remainder of my preparation will be memorizing the study sheet and  recoding.
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Unformatted text preview: Strategy Implementation I will implement the above-described strategy every day every MWF until the week of the exam, and the night before the exam. Example of Strategy Implemented See attached copy of the Study Review and Recoding developed from the study review that will contain information that will be included in my final exam in the above-mentioned course. Outcomes Achieved Through Strategy Implementation I have been using the above-mentioned strategy for a couple days in my Management 120 course. It has helped me retain information effectively to this point and I think it will help me achieve an A on the final exam in Management 120....
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U100 - AL Final - Strategy Implementation I will implement...

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