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Tim Thyne 01/25/08 Becoming A Person of Influence: Chapter 1 Summary Genuine integrity is not for sale Integrity is about the small things Integrity is crucial for business and personal success Integrity is an inside job: o Not determined by circumstances o Not based on credentials o Not to be confused with reputation Integrity is your best friend The benefit of integrity is trust, the benefit of trust is Influence Chapter one starts out with a story of Dornan showing his integrity while at customs check. While he did not imagine that this would be significant or that anyone would notice, a man recognized him and was influenced by Jim’s integrity. The point is that integrity is doing what we ought to, even when no one (or we think no one) is looking. Another main point is that integrity is about the small things. They say that integrity is the foundation upon which many other qualities are built, such as respect dignity, and trust. It is stressed many times in the chapter that the lack of integrity is always exposed.
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Unformatted text preview: In one section they say, Even people who are able to hide their lack of integrity for a period of time will eventually experience failure, and whatever influence they have temporarily gained will disappear. (21) They also say, You can see character issues coming up in every aspect of life. (19) A majority of the chapter is the authors giving some truths about integrity that go against common thinking. The first is that no matter what the circumstance, everyone is responsible for their own decisions. Second, integrity is not earn through credentials, rather lived through character. Lastly, integrity is not to be confused with reputation, and reputation should only be a reflection of ones character. The last part of the chapter has to do with integrity reaping trust, then only then can someone positively influence others....
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