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Tim Thyne University 100 Gaines 9/7/06 Action Learning: Recoding Tasks/Issues to be resolved: 1. Design and implement a group strategy that will insure you have effectively Read and Understood Chapter Four. 2. Decide how each member can and will effectively complete the Recoding assignments on pages 108 and 110 by next class period. Action/s implemented to resolve above described Task/Issue: 1. We read chapter 4 together. Then we highlighted key information about recoding in the chapter. Finally, we reviewed the chapter. 2. Each member will take two textbooks and read the chapter assigned, highlighting key information. Using the key information, we will create test questions. Finally, we will answer the questions to help us recode
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Unformatted text preview: the information, move the information from short-term memory to long-term memory. This will insure preparedness for tests along with completion of pages 108 and 110. Learning that has occurred and Actions that still need to be implemented if above described Task/Issue is to be effectively resolved: I learned that information is easily stored in memory when it has a place to stay. I also learned that questions on a test could be similar to questions that I come up with on my own, which can make the tests less difficult. In the future I could try using several different recoding methods to further complete my understanding of the key information....
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