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Tim Thyne S. Teel 11/14/06 Concert Paper II On November 13, I attended the Percussion Ensemble in Cullen Auditorium at 8pm on. The environment was very relaxed. There were about 300 people and it was a younger crowd. Before the concert it was very casual. The performers were even out conversing with the audience. At 8:07, the performers walk on stage to perform: 1. Pattern Study No. 2 by Stacy Bowers This was performed by the keyboard instruments (marimbas, xylophones, bells (glockenspiel), chimes) and one hand drum. The marimba started out with a phrase that
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Unformatted text preview: repeated throughout the entire piece. The other instruments came in gradually with a Mannheim Steamroller effect (each new instrument introduced sounds louder than the last). The piece ended by going back to the just the marimba sounding the same beginning phrase and eventually fading out. I enjoyed this piece. I enjoy keyboard music, especially the mellow tones of the marimba. 2....
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