English - Real Sex - off boys b The first century would...

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Tim Thyne English 111.03 C. Evans “Real Sex” by Lauren Winner Lauren grew up in New York City trying to close the gap between the “orthodox” moral of sex and the societal concept of sex. 3 Myths: 1. “If you have pre-marital sex, you will feel terrible.” a. Truth is, sometimes one will feel lousy, hung- over, or happy i. If we felt terrible after sin than we would not sin ii. Sin distorts our feelings and is corrosive and destructive and estranges us from Christ b. Proverbs says that sin tells us something that looks distorted is beautiful and good. 2. “Women don’t have sex drives.” a. Popcorn story – woman puts popcorn in pocket i. Girls do not have libidos ii. Girls only have to worry about fending
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Unformatted text preview: off boys. b. The first century would have said that women are the entrapment and warn against them. 3. “Pre-marital sex is the unforgivable sin.” a. Two popular ways this is impressed on the church: i. Scarred forever ii. Ghosts of past relationships stay with you b. The third myth of the “unforgivable” sin contradicts the basic message of the gospel. If we are not preaching forgiveness, we are not preaching the gospel. c. The truth and “real” reasons why pre-marital sex is destructive: i. Has a long-lasting effect. ii. Derives thrill from instability in a relationship iii. Constant uncertainty...
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English - Real Sex - off boys b The first century would...

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