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Chapter 1 - Assignment 1 - Tim Thyne Chapter 1 Assignment 1...

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Tim Thyne – Chapter 1 – Assignment 1 – 4/4/05 Since September 11th, American business has had trials unseen in the last several decades. The computers had crashed, and the airlines took a nose dive. With accounting and executive scandals to dips in the stock market to mere survival, major American business pillars have been shaken. The three most difficult challenges that American businesses have to face today are: gaining and retaining customers, creating jobs for Americans, and survival. If companies can overcome these challenges they can easily serve in the improvement of the common good of America, and help it surpass past economic gains. It only takes one bad experience to lose a customer and future business. In order for companies to succeed they essentially need to bow down to the needs of the customer. I worked in Special Services at Home Depot for over a year and saw many customers walk out the door with hundreds of dollars in merchandise because either we, or the manufacturer, slipped up.
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