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Chapter 3 - Assignment 2 - it common for other countries to...

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Tim Thyne – Chapter 3 – Assignment 2 – 4/4/05 American firms do a tremendous amount of business with non-English speaking countries. Should American business attempt to learn the languages of its buying/supplying nations, or should citizens of foreign nations be required to learn English? There is a big differentiation that must be made between the words attempt and require. The first question to me is “Do either of the countries need or want the business enough to spend the time to learn the other countries language?” If the answer is “yes”, then whoever needs it more should attempt to learn the other country’s language. It is about power. Whoever has the most power has a proportional amount of influence to the country with less of an advantage. Only because of the power America has in business, is
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Unformatted text preview: it common for other countries to learn English. It should be required for the side with the most potential to gain to learn the others language, and it would be courteous for each to attempt to learn each others language. If both have equal needs, then both learn each others language. There are numerous countries that are English speaking or are taught English as a second or third language. Because of the growing volume of international business and the uncertainty of the future of this country, it would be extremely beneficial for Americans to learn multiple languages. Maybe it would only be necessary to have a team of ambassadors to communicate with the opposite country that would learn the others language. What ever happened to interpreters?...
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