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Chapter 8 - Assignment 6 - small item or telephone message...

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Tim Thyne – Business 100 – Elliman – Chapter 8 – Assignment 6 Almost every major corporation in the U.S.A. can trace its beginnings to one or two founding entrepreneurs. Research the corporation of your choice and answer the following questions: 1. Name(s) of the founder(s) of the corporation, location of start-up. 2. Date founded and incorporated (may not be the same!) 3. Details of the corporation's early history (first 20 years or so). What were the critical factors which led to the success of the company? What traits or actions of the founder(s) contributed to this success? UPS had four founding fathers: Jim Casey, George Casey, Everet McCabe, and Charlie Soderstrom. Although these are known as the founding fathers of UPS, Jim Casey was the true founder. In 1907, Jim Casey used his delivery boy experience to start the American Messenger Company. This new business was designed in Seattle, Washington for people who needed to get a
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Unformatted text preview: small item or telephone message to get to someone else across town. It wasnt until 1911 that George Casey was hired to solicit the business. In 1913, Everet McCabe, former owner of Motorcycle Delivery Company, merged with the Caseys and the company changed its name to Merchants Parcel Delivery. In 1917 the forth father, Charlie Soderstrom, joined MPD and increased the delivery fleet. Twelve years after being founded, the company expands service to Oakland, CA and finally changed its name to United Parcel Service (Incorporated in 1919). By 1922 UPS was the common business to business carrier in the west. 1934 started UPSs coast to coast shipping. These stepping stones would put UPS as the #1 shipper in the world today. Now in over 200 countries and owning over 600 jet planes, UPS owns the largest fleet of jet planes out of any company or airline in the world....
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