ACCT 310 - 012908 - Assignment 2

ACCT 310 - 012908 - Assignment 2 - concern for them •...

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Tim Thyne 01/28/08 Becoming A Person of Influence: Chapter 2 “You cannot antagonize and influence at the same time.” At the heart of the nurturing process is the genuine concern for others. As you try to help and influence the people around you, you must have positive feelings and concern for them. If you nurture others but allow them to become dependent on you, you’re really hurting them, not helping them. Most people are desperate for encouragement. People are influenced most by those who make them feel the best about themselves. Check and recheck you motives. You nurture people by focusing on giving rather them getting. Before you can do anything positive in someone’s life, you must show them love. The length and breadth of our influence on others are directly related to the depth of our
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Unformatted text preview: concern for them. • When it comes to helping people grow and feel good about themselves, there is no substitute for love. • Everyone needs to feel valued. • Don’t ever assume that people know how you feel about them. Tell them. Nobody can be told too often that he or she is loved. • Part of making people feel secure comes from integrity. • Give others recognition at every opportunity. • When a person feels encouraged, he can face the impossible and overcome incredible adversity. • The ability to influence is a natural by-product of encouragement. • How you treat people lien in how you think about them. How you act reveals what you believe. • When people have hope, there is no telling how far they will go....
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ACCT 310 - 012908 - Assignment 2 - concern for them •...

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