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I am someone who likes to get the best of every opportunity, within interest. APF is a class that has allowed me to take full advantage of the opportunity to improve my health, habits, and discipline. Although some people may see a 30-40-minute lifting time frame as a liability to the class, I see it as a challenge. When I start my workout in APF, I have a goal. My goal is to destroy my muscles physically in 30-40 minutes as much as I would in 60-90 minutes of my regular after-school or weekend workout. One liability that I noticed in this APF class is inconsistency. Not every week was consistent, which in strength training is a very important principle.
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Unformatted text preview: Consistency is the essence of the FIT principle. Some ways that APF has benefited me is that it has disciplined my mind in understanding the importance of physical personal health; while also educating me on making wise health decisions that can very possibly have an effect on my future physical health. APF has also helped me continue to feel better about myself. One idea that I have concluded from maintaining good physical health is that is it much easier to be mentally healthy when one is physically healthy; APF provides that opportunity. I believe APF is a great opportunity for people who are both experience and inexperienced strength trainers....
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