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D Money Printing - 12 Enter the following data into the...

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Instruction for Excel 1 1. Download Excel 1 from classinfo file and rename it D Money Printing as an Office 2007 document. 2. Make sure you enter your name, banner, ACU email, and ChexEl key in the ChexEl tab. 3. Move contents of G13:H14 to F2:G3. 4. Insert a new row at row 7 and enter the data below. a. A7: LP24289 b. B7: Heavyweight Laser Printing Paper c. C7: 7.74 5. Resize column B so that description fits in column 6. In cells D6:D10, enter the data below a. D6: 56301 b. D7: 52582 c. D8: 44505 d. D9: 41842 e. D10: 36135 7. In E6, enter a formula that calculates 2010 revenue for the standard laser printing paper. a. Enter similar formulas for E7:E10. 8. In cell D12, enter the label TOTAL. 9. In E12, enter a formula that sums the total revenue for 2010 sales. a. Yours should look similar to this:
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b. 10. Insert a new worksheet, rename it Bonuses. 11. Increase column A to at least 40 characters and column B to at least 13.
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Enter the following data into the Bonuses worksheet a. A1: Total Revenue b. A2: Branch Bonus Rate c. A3: Total Branch Bonus d. A4: Total Bonus for Employees e. A5: Number of Employees at Local Branch f. A6: Average Individual Bonus for Each Employee 13. In cell B1 in the Bonuses worksheet, enter the value in cell E12 of the D Money Banks Worksheet. 14. In cell B2, enter 1.25% (as a percentage). 15. In cell B3, calculate total branch bonus. 16. In cell B4, calculate total bonus for employees by multiplying total B3 by 85%. 17. In cell B5, enter 15. 18. In cell B6, enter formula to calculate individual bonus for each employee. a. Yours should look like this b. 19. Save you work. Upload it to the dropbox....
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D Money Printing - 12 Enter the following data into the...

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