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Unformatted text preview: MIS Team Project Menu Spring 2008 Your team may propose any of the following types of projects. 1. Identify three companies and explore specific uses of IT within and across the companies . The project could focus on one of the following topics: a. Customer Relationship Management b. Enterprise Resource Planning c. Supply Chain Management d. Virtual teams, telecommuting or distance education e. Security, privacy or employee monitoring f. Another IT/business issue that you propose As part of the project, you should consider the characteristics of the companies you are comparing (e.g., size, revenues, numbers of employees, profit/non-profit, industry, etc.) and how those characteristics may impact their use of IT. You need to interview at least 2 people in each organization (ideally a technology person and a manager involved with the topic). Then, you will need to evaluate what they are doing (e.g., does it seem appropriate for the organization?) and how it fits with what you have learned in this class. does it seem appropriate for the organization?...
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