COMS 111 - Speech 3 outline keyword

COMS 111 - Speech 3 outline keyword - c. Easiest way -...

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1. Have you ever been ... physical force 2. Many people hear 3. Attackers advantage victims rarely know 4., 1/3 in street 5. Harassment to murder 6. Today basic techniques self-defense save life. [The first situation. ..] Body: 1. Street type situation: Goal – escape and draw attention a. Popular attack - Arm grab i. Exert force ii. Silent submission…DNS! b. Bureau of Justice Stats, >92% women = victims c. Demonstration – arm grab – [The second situation…] 2. Sometimes you are with a group of people a. Personal testimony b. These moves do not always work! i. Police. ii. Size-up iii. Most importantly, your capabilities
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Unformatted text preview: c. Easiest way - incapacitate d. Wisconsin LESB - rendering unconscious e. Demo sleeper (from punch) [Lets review] Conclusion: 1. Today: react to a street assailant. a. Remember, escape from a hold, run away and draw attention 2. Also: unavoidable force in group. a. Remember, physical force always last resort. b. However, when force is necessary, i. Be smart ii. Overcome situation 3. Hopefully, no one here will have to use these tips 4. Practice them with a partner 5. Be safe, and I will be available for questions during the next break....
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COMS 111 - Speech 3 outline keyword - c. Easiest way -...

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