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MGMT 120 - Exam 2 Review - Exam 2 Study Sheet Chapters 5-8...

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Exam 2 Study Sheet: Chapters 5-8, and 11 Mgmt 120 / Fall 2006 / Lynn __________________________________________________________________________ Everything from book and class is game for the test. The following will point you toward some but probably not all of the high points. The PowerPoint slides are available on Blackboard. Bring a scantron for the multiple-choice; I will provide paper for the short-answer and essay. The test is roughly divided as: 75% is multiple-choice from the textbook (52 questions) and lecture (6 questions) 25% is short-answer from lecture Multiple-Choice : (75 points) Book : Employees/Revenues in small firms- Locus of control- Small firm advantages/failures- Internet—history- Small firm financing- Types of networks- Franchise sales- Types of electronic payment- Franchisee/Franchisor roles- Levels of management- Sole proprietorships- Human relations- Loss and liability in corporations- Functions of management- Conglomerates- Types of planning- Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs/Change agents-
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