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U100 - Course Improvement - Jesus Son of the Patriarchs =...

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Tim Thyne U100 - Gaines MWF – 1pm Course Learning Strategy Improvement Project Task To improve the current learning strategy employed in Introduction to Business to increase my  current grade of C to B Action Steps Outcome
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Date: 10/3/06 (Tuesday) Class: Life and Teachings of Jesus Instructor: Dr. James Taylor Matthew Symbol = Human Face Matthew tells stories from Mark starting in Chapter 3 Matthew writes his own intro Starts with Geneology Matthew 1:1 – Literal Translation “The book of the ‘origin’ of Jesus” Family Tree Root Gene Generation “Genesis” = origin Trace back to the Beginning
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Unformatted text preview: Jesus Son of the Patriarchs = Abraham Part of the Royal Line = David 3 sets of 14 generations 14 = seven twice 7 = Sacred number David = most significant The sum of the Hebrew letters All are men but 4 Ruth Moabite woman that made sexual advances at Boaz Tamar- Slept with her dead husbands Father Rehab- A prostitute Bathsheba Wife of Uriah the Hittite and had an affair Mary found pregnant before marriage Matthew 4 1. Strong parallels to Deuteronomy 8 Exodus 4:4 to Deut 8:3 4:7 to Deut 6:12...
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U100 - Course Improvement - Jesus Son of the Patriarchs =...

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