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ACC_401_Chapter_1 - another given that there are no...

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CHAPTER 1 ETHICAL ISSUES IN ADVANCED ACCOUNTING CASES Case 1–1 Arguments in support of the affirmative side of the debate include the following: (l) The word unswerving implies that there is never a cause for a deviation from honorable behavior by a member of the AICPA. What if the member were a victim of fraud, harassment, or other unacceptable behavior? Must members defending themselves from such indignities be precluded from “fighting fire with fire”? (2) In today's highly competitive business and professional activities, behavior deemed dishonorable by one person might not be viewed as dishonorable by
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Unformatted text preview: another, given that there are no specific attributes associated by all persons with such behavior. Arguments in support of the negative side of the debate include the following: (l) Licensed members of a profession are expected to behave in a manner above and beyond the norm for society as a whole. (2) CPAs serve the public interest; thus, they should never engage in conduct that would harm that interest. (3) Placing personal advantage before the best interests of the client or the public would lead to a conflict of interest one of the most egregious types of unprofessional conduct by a CPA....
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