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ELR - 022908 - Chapter 3

ELR - 022908 - Chapter 3 - o Be willing to justify personal...

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Tim Thyne 02/29/08 Essentials of Negotiation: Chapter 3: pgs. 68-84 Inventing Options: o Expand the Pie o Logroll o Use nonspecific compensation o Cut the Costs for Compliance o Find a Bridge Solution o Brainstorming: Avoid judging of evaluating solutions Separate the people from the problem Be exhaustive in the brainstorming process Ask outsiders Evaluate and Select Alternatives: o Narrow the range of solution options o Evaluate solutions on the basis of quality, standards, and acceptability o Agree to the criteria in advance of evaluating options
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Unformatted text preview: o Be willing to justify personal preference o Be alert to the influence of intangibles in selecting options o Use subgroups to evaluate complex options o Take time out to cool off o Explore different ways to logroll - Exploit differences in risk preference, expectations, and time preference o Keep decisions tentative and conditional until all aspects of the final proposal are complete o Minimize formality and record keeping until final agreements are closed...
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