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Socialization Take Home Test - Tim Thyne Period 1...

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Tim Thyne Period 1 10/9/01 Socialization Take Home Test In society, we are taught a certain culture in correspondence to that culture’s norms, values, and beliefs. If a Caucasian male U.S. citizen moved to China, it can assumed that the man would have a difficult time adapting to the Chinese culture after growing up in the American culture. This is because the man was first socialized to the norms, values, and beliefs of the Americans. He would then have to be re-socialized to the Chinese culture, which is the process of adopting new norms, values, and beliefs. Re-socialization can be accomplished through total institutions by first de-socializing the subjects and then re-socializing the subjects. In a sense, it is the same as taking the old person out and creating a whole new person, hypothetically. Total Institutions and Re-socialization: The above story can be an analogy for the efforts of Eastside High School and it’s principle, Mr. Clark. Mr. Clark re-socializes the students by restoring control to the staff of the school. He taught new values by showing them that if they work hard, then they can “have a part of the American Dream that is advertised on TV”, Mr. Clark; also by teaching them the effects of drugs and how it’s like “killing yourself, just slower”, Mr. Clark. There are several other things as well as many other things Mr. Clark does to re-socialize the students at Eastside. He gives them the goal of passing the state exam, which gives them something to strive for and something to be proud of. He teaches them to have self-respect
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telling them, “Put something in your head, not on it. Pull up your pants! Put
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Socialization Take Home Test - Tim Thyne Period 1...

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