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ELR - 022708 - Chapter 3 - o Attempting to understand the...

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Tim Thyne 02/27/08 Essentials of Negotiation: Chapter 3: pgs. 58-68 A successful interest-based negotiator models the following traits: (59) o Honesty and Integrity o Abundance Mentality o Maturity o Systems Orientation o Superior listening skills Those wishing to achieve integrative results find that they must manage both the context and the process of the negotiation in order to gain the cooperation and commitment of all parties. Key contextual factors include: (59) o Creating a free flow of communication – negotiators must create the conditions for a free and open discussion of all related issues and concerns. (60)
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Unformatted text preview: o Attempting to understand the other negotiator’s real needs and objectives o Emphasizing commonalities between parties o Searching for solutions that meet the goals and objectives of both parties • 4 Major steps in the integrative negotiation process : (61) o Identify and define the problem o Understand the problem and bring interests and needs to the surface o Generate alternative solutions to the problem o Evaluate those alternatives and select among them...
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