ELR - 022508 - Chapter 2

ELR - 022508 - Chapter 2 - o The Nibble – tagging on...

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Tim Thyne 02/25/08 Essentials of Negotiation: Chapter 2: pgs. 47-57 “Hardball Tactics” Dealing with Hardball Tactics o Ignore them o Discuss them o Respond in kind o Be-friend the other party Typical Hardball Tactics o Good cop/Bad Cop o Lowball/Highball – stating an outrageous offer o Bogey – pretending that an issue of little importance to them is quite important
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Unformatted text preview: o The Nibble – tagging on items of insignificant value o Chicken o Intimidation o Aggressive Behavior o Snow Job – burying an answer in vast amounts of information or technical language...
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