Article 1 Seminar - food to their young based on their...

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1 Introduction: Hypothesis- Finding out if artificially changing the eagle owls white feathers around their mouths would show that they use visual cues for communication. Briefly review the three main points. 1. The owls gave different amount of food to their young based on how bright their white feathers were. 2. Gave the owlets backpacks to track them after fledging. 3. Owls communicate somewhat with visual cues as shown by the research done. Method: Provide a short description of the subjects: Eagle Owls are nocturnal creatures that have white feathers near their mouths. How did the researchers gather data: Artificially changed the brightness of the white feathers on the Eagle Owls mouths. Also put tracking devices on the young owls to track them after fledging, to see results. Results: Describe the relevant and important results: The eagle owls gave different amounts of
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Unformatted text preview: food to their young based on their white feathers. Discussion: 2 What did the researchers find? They found that the eagle owls discriminate against their young based on their white feathers around their mouths. Do you agree with them? Yes the data the researchers collected proved this. Do you think the way researchers collected the data answered their hypothesis? Yes because the researchers found out that the Eagle Owls do communicate at the very least slightly with visual cues. Was this a well-written article? Yes and no, yes for the type of article it is and the audience that the article is intended for. And no because for the average person who is just looking for some information this article is very hard to understand and read. Test Question: What was the outcome of the research done on the Eagle Owls?...
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Article 1 Seminar - food to their young based on their...

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