Article 5 Seminar - uncorrelated variables describing the...

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1 Citation: Crockford, Catherine. Boesch, Christophe. (2003). Context-specific calls in wild chimpanzees, pan troglodytes verus: analysis of barks. The Association for the Study of Animal Behavior. 66. 115-125. Introduction: Hypothesis- Briefly review the three main points. 1. Chimps mainly use only four types of call types: screams, grunts, hoos and barks. 2. Researchers recorded the vocalizations of the chimps with directional microphones and Walkmans. 3. Specific calls for specific contexts. Method: Provide a short description of the subjects: Chimps from two neighbouring communities, all adult males of the North and Middle communities. How did the researchers gather data: Vocalizations were recorded with a directional microphone and windshield and a Professional Walkman. Used a map to note if the chimp was in the peripheral area or in the core area of the territory when calling. Home range was where chimp spent 75% of its time. Results: Describe the relevant and important results: Out of the 33 acoustic variations, four
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Unformatted text preview: uncorrelated variables describing the bark itself, and three variables describing the extended bark 2 structure were affected by context. Two bark subtypes, hunt and snake contexts. Other four contexts, travel, aggression, neighbor, and contact, showed minimal discrimination from each other. Discussion: What did the researchers find: Chimps produce moderately specific barks in specific contexts. Chimp calls also showed levels of signal specificity comparable to functionally referential alarm calls of other primate species. Do you agree with them: Yes the research that they gathered proved to me that the chimps do make these kind of calls. Do you think the way researchers collected the data answered their hypothesis? Was this a well-written article? No I was not able to follow this article very easily; I was forced to reread the same sections over and over again. Test Question: What are the chimps four types of calls?...
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Article 5 Seminar - uncorrelated variables describing the...

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