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Article 3 Seminar Feb12 - The disturbance barks frequency...

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1 Citation: Yin, Sophia. (2002). A new perspective on barking in dogs. Journal of Comparitive Psychology, 116, 189-193. Introduction: Hypothesis- Domesticated dogs lack specific communication functions. Briefly review the three main points. 1. Domesticated dogs have nonfunctional barks. 2. Domesticated dogs rely on humans to get what they need. 3. Dog barks vary in pitch based on their situation and environment. Method: Provide a short description of the subjects : 10 adult dogs of 6 different breeds, Australian Cattle dogs, Australian Shepherds, German shorthair pointers, dachshund, Springer spaniel, and a mixed breed. How did the researchers gather data? The researchers put the dogs in three different test situations. The barks were recorded to compare the differences with each situation. Results: Describe the relevant and important results
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Unformatted text preview: : The disturbance barks frequency was lower than the play and isolation barks, the isolation and play barks were similar, along with the contact and play barks. Discussion: 2 What did the researchers find : Dogs change their pitch of bark depending on the context, a lower pitch when in a disturbance situation and a higher pitch when in a play situation. Do you agree with them? Yes the data gathered proved this to be true. Do you think the way researchers collected the data answered their hypothesis? Yes there is really no other way to gather this type of data. Was this a well-written article? The article was easy to read and understand, so yes. Test Question: Do dogs change their barking pitch when in different situations and environments?...
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Article 3 Seminar Feb12 - The disturbance barks frequency...

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