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Core Function of Political Parties 1) provide cues and symbols for voters-people who vote all republican or all democrat. 2) To recruit candidates to run for office--kind of perform this but not always, Bush did a lot of recruiting for republicans to pick people to run against the democrats. They do this sometimes but they don’t control the recruiting process. 3) Nominate a candidate for office--75% of people chosen for office are done through primaries. 4) Campaigning--candidates do this raise their own money. The party is not as involved in the process especially at the beginning. Once the candidate starts winning then the party will usually help. 5) Provide information--we have an independent mass media and the information is generally independent of political parties. 6) Provide entertainment--many political parties own clubs and throw keggers on college campus(in Europe). 7) Mobilize voters--man the phone lines, stuff envelopes things like that. 8) Formulate policies--should tell you what they are going to do if they win office. Most have their platform online or something like that 2/3 will usually be implemented or they will get it implemented in some form. 9) Organize government--if their weren’t any parties nothing would get done. 10) Interest Aggregation--you have no individual power by yourself but if you join a political party or interest group you can join them and increase the power of that group. Party Characteristics 1) 2 Party system--in election usually only the 2 biggest parties have a shot at winning the election. 2) All encompassing parties--democrat party is composed of conserative, moderate, and liberal democrats. Same with republican party. 3) American political culture--we don’t like parties we have a certain opinion of politicians. Political parties are loved in Europe. 4) History--don’t have a history of an extreme right or left party. Classification of Political Parties Cadre-- Informal committees Party activists-they don’t work for the party they just help out Very decentralized-50 state parties and national committee but not a national party Part-time, usually disappear after election come around the next election Function-electoral--they will do whatever they can in order to win no matter what the cost
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Mass- Large membership--people pay dues, like in the UK Benefits--membership card, allows you to vote in certain areas, discount at stores if the guy is in the party. Hierarchical--very hierarchical in nature, they dictate everything. Completely ideological--what they stand for is more important than winning office. If they can’t win then they think all the people against them are stupid or dumb. 1968-DNC Convention in Chicago-riots, and police beat up a bunch of protesters. The DNC was able to pick a person who most candidates and delegates wanted. The democrats lost the election. McGovern-Fraser Commission 1969-1971
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test3review - Core Function of Political Parties 1 provide...

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