reviewexam2 - Critical realignment election a core group of...

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Critical realignment election- a core group of members from one party shifts to another party making the majority the minority and the minority the majority. 1800--John adams and Thomas Jefferson, states rights and tarrifs jeferson won 28--jackson and john q. adams, Jackson won , 60--slavery was the issue abe Lincoln, and 1932--great depression Herbert hoover and fdr, fdr won history of public opinion--3 questions of public opinion tillman act of 1907- takes big business out of the election occasion. 3 methods of nominating-king caucus, primary, and convention voter turnout-only country that’s a democracy worse voting than us is Switzerland.approx. 50% turn out to vote. Long term strategy, polling, admin on the same page, relase new to media at the right time. Everyone is properly trained, more polling, conduct reaserch on journalist. Reward and punish people who treat them well. Engage in damage control. Characteristics of media. 5 types of elections maintaing-majority in power stay in power by winning election, deviating--minority party wins but doesn’t still control majority, realignment--like said earlier, critical
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reviewexam2 - Critical realignment election a core group of...

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