Democratic Party - Democratic Party Thomas Jefferson and...

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Democratic Party Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, democratic republican party, state rights adherence to the constitution. 1800 first came to power. Initially led by Andrew Jackson and followed by Martin Van Buren. History 1) Early History-- 2) Slavery--many anti slavery democrats left the party. Made the republican party the majority for some time. 3) Reconstruction--benefitted greatly many southerners refused to support the republican party. Allowed democrats to have chance of winning elections. Led for the south to be voted the solid south. 4) Post-Reconstruction--not able to get consecutive terms in white house until Woodrow Wilson and then later FDR. 1931-1994 the party controlled the house of representatives. After WW2 republicans began to attract more white southerners and conservatives. African-Americans began to go to the democratic party. Present Day--majority party for the congress. Holds majority of state governorships and a plurality of state legislatures. The largest political party In the country to day. 72 million people. Prominent Democrats Howard Dean--party chairman Harry read--senate majority leader Nancy Pelosi--speaker of the house Steny Hoyer--house majority leader Voter base--socially liberal positions, farmers, laborers, laborer unions and religious and ethnic minorities. Opposed un regulated business and finance. Progressive income taxation. Has shifted from that to a more well educated socially liberal base. Advocates more social freedoms, affirmative action, balanced budget and a free enterprise system that prevents corruption and abuses. The main areas of support are found in the northeast and new England states the great lakes region and along the pacific coast including Hawaii. Ideologies--
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Democratic Party - Democratic Party Thomas Jefferson and...

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