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Chapter 1 Notes - CHAPTER 1 8/30/07 I. Introduction: a....

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I. Introduction: a. Robert Moses and the struggle for American voting rights b. Intro to politics II. Democracy a. Democratic origins i. Demos=the people ii. Kratein= to rule b. Direct democracy vs. representative democracy i. Citizens meet in open assemblies, face to face deliberations, where they make public policy, didn’t include women, didn’t include slaves, or immigrants. ii. Rep. democracy: people elect reps to create public policies. 1. Popular sovereignty: the ultimate source of all authority is the people, 6 conditions have to be meet. a. Gov’t politics reelect the wishes of the people. “Deliberative will”: do peoples will after they had the chance to rediliberate. b. Gov’t leaders selected in competitive elections, the contested elections c. Elections: free and fair: free= no coercion of voters or election officials and all citizens able to run and vote in elections. Fair= election rules do not favor some over others, and the ballots are accurately counted. d. People participate in political processes: protest, rallies, march, strikes, sit ins, and donate… e. High quality information is available f. Majority rules 2. political equality: everyone’s carries the same weight in voting and other politics “one man, one vote”, equal protection= 14 th amendment means everyone is trated same by gov’t. 3. political liberty= freedoms 1 st amendment III. Democracy threatens liberty: a. Majority tyranny threatens liberty i. Authors conclude no evidence tyranny more like from majority= rule by one b. people are irrational and incompetent c. majoritarian democracy threatens minorities min. and majority. Constantly shift, so your not always in a minority. IV.
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Chapter 1 Notes - CHAPTER 1 8/30/07 I. Introduction: a....

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