Assn #1 - Michelle Lutz ENGL 1A MW 945AM-1155AM Beyond"The...

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Michelle Lutz ENGL 1A MW 945AM-1155AM Beyond “The Eye” Edgar Allen Poe writes of such dark and eerie tales in which one would obviously assume the narrators insanity. He clearly wants his readers to understand the uncanny and mystery in his stories. “Now this is the point. You fancy me mad. Madmen know nothing. But you should have seen me . You should have seen how wisely I proceeded— with what caution—with what foresight—with what dissimulation I went to work.” There are many points in A Tell-Tale Heart where we find his madness proven . The Eye is that of a vulture eye: a filmy blue, and can only be defined as the foreshadowing of death in this short story; for vultures only lurk around the deceased. The sound of the Old Man’s heart is in the narrator’s mind. This quote supports the idea of his uncanny, “And now a new anxiety seized me—the sound would be heard by a neighbor!” This explains how un-credible that the heart beat could be heard by a neighbor. You simply cannot hear a heartbeat from a distance. Could it be the “hellish tattoo” heartbeat from his own chest that he hears? To hear a heartbeat, let alone one from a neighbor, is unheard of. As well as the Old Man’s heartbeat creating a dwelling noise, the Old Man as well lets out a groan that the narrator understands. One that he knows all too well, and that he has felt, as the Old Man has at midnight. The narrator uses the fear of night against the Old Man. Within this tale there are many references to midnight: the death of a day and the most extreme darkness is what makes it easier to go about the Old Man’s room in a creepy way. From hour to hour the narrator can less and
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less concentrate on daily life just to get a glimpse of the Old Man’s eye in the darkened room at the dead of night. These points again prove his lunacy. Sounds in Edgar Allen Poe’s writings have a great significance for the tone of the
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Assn #1 - Michelle Lutz ENGL 1A MW 945AM-1155AM Beyond"The...

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