COMM 214-001 Fall 2007 RADIO PROD Pennell

COMM 214-001 Fall 2007 RADIO PROD Pennell - Bridgewater...

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Unformatted text preview: Bridgewater State College Comm 214-001 Syllabus Fall 2007 Radio Production Professor Marilyn D. Pennell Tuesdays 8AM to 10:15AM Office Phone: (508)-531-6638 Home Phone: (978)-486-8165 (please no calls after 9PM) Email: Office Hours: Department of Communication Studies, Maxwell Library, Room 215Q/ Tuesdays 11AM to 12Noon or by appointment Course Description: This is an introductory course in Radio Production. The course will include readings, discussions, class exercises, hands on lab instruction and assignments. It will also feature discussion and class and team exercises about radio and audio production, procedures and techniques and their relation to radio announcing, as well as radio studio and field production. Class sessions will cover basic radio and audio equipment; signal flow; how audio signals are generated, recorded and reproduced; the basics of production technique and aesthetics; an introduction to the regulatory environment of broadcast radio and career prospects in the field of radio. Required Textbooks and Resources Hausman, Messere and Benoit, Modern Radio Production Thompson- Wadsworth, 7 th edition, 2007 (available in BSC bookstore) Free Online Learning Resources with Course Modules Audacity Digital Audio Editing software: Free Open Source Download 1 Please bring your laptop computer to class when required Other Materials and Resources Students should also have a folder or binder for instructional and other materials handed out in class and lab and a notebook for taking notes in class and labs. Quizzes and tests will be based upon assigned readings, handouts and class lectures-- so keeping up with readings, taking notes and saving handouts is essential. Other Materials and Resources (Continued) Students should have access to either a laptop computer and/or a desktop computer. Students with laptops should bring them to class Internet access, either at home or on campus, to the BSC Blackboard Course Management System is VERY IMPORTANT. Please Check our Blackboard site often for course updates, missed assignments and other course information . Please utilize your Email account. Please check YOUR BSC account AND Blackboard course site frequently- i.e one to two times per week- for important course information. You are welcome and encouraged to email me as well if you have a question or concern. I will be checking my email often during the semester. Please see my email address on page #1t of this syllabus Course Objectives : To provide students with the information, guidance and opportunities to acquire an...
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This note was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course COMM 214 taught by Professor Pennell during the Fall '08 term at Bridgewater State University.

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COMM 214-001 Fall 2007 RADIO PROD Pennell - Bridgewater...

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