COMM290-01and -02 Syllabii Spring 08

COMM290-01and -02 Syllabii Spring 08 - COMM 290-001and...

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COMM 290-001and 290-002 Beginning Videography James G.H. Moore, VL Spring 2008 RTV, Wed. 11:00am – 1:40pm 290-001 RTV, Mon. 9:05am – 11:45am, 290-002 Office hours Tuesday 12:10-12:40pm RTV by appt. only Email : [email protected] Course Description: As described in the BSC Course Catalogue, this course studies styles and techniques of video production field work, including elements of video production such as scripting, camera work, sound engineering, and postproduction editing. In this course the student is expected to participate fully in group work in the laboratory production on-location of video material (from in-camera-edited, unscripted, productions to scripted, edited productions using linear tape-to-tape editing and non- linear computer-assisted editing). The course is hands-on, deadline oriented, demanding and, consequently, rewarding. Expected Learning Outcomes: The student will develop valuable production skills, will refine and focus an educated camera eye, and will learn the important differences between production using a single-camera (film style), production using a scripted on-location EFP style, and production using an on-location partially scripted or unscripted ENG style. The student will learn key terms and concepts that will enable critical analysis and evaluation of mass media video productions. The student will broaden a critical sense of media literacy. The student will complete the group production of a Silent Movie, the semester master project . Attendance: Attendance is absolutely required. Since there are only 14 classes (including final exam), each student has one (1) unexcused absence. Two (2) unexcused absences result in an automatic failure . Any combination of three (3) absences (excused and unexcused) will result in an automatic failure . There are three kinds of excused absence: 1. The first is one for which a physician’s letter is submitted (on the date of your return from the illness); 2 . The second is a planned vacation or event - you must give me notice three weeks in advance and you must make a plan for work to be submitted in-lieu of class time; p.2
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3. The third is a family crisis – i.e. critical illness, accident, or death to a close family relative (appropriate home phone number and address are required so that I may express my sincere wishes for a speedy recovery for your sick or injured relative or my earnest condolences for your family). No attendance or participation credit is earned during absences. Absent means not present for the class, and absent means more than 8 minutes late for class. Grading: 200points Chapter Quizzes/Summaries (10 chapters… 30 points each 300points Group projects (3 projects… 50 points each) 150points Silent Film, Semester Master Project 150points 200points ________ 1000points F = <600 points D- = 600-639 points, D = 640-669points, D+ = 670-699points
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COMM290-01and -02 Syllabii Spring 08 - COMM 290-001and...

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