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midterm 1 lecture notes - Defining and Identifying Deviance...

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Defining and Identifying Deviance 1/16/08 The ABC’s of deviance: Attitudinal Behavioral Conditional Appearance Tattoos, height, weight Social Status Homeless, immigrant, prostitute, ex-con Sumner’s three categories of norms Folk Ways Customs, traditions, manners, etiquette, violation of any ABC Mores People will think you are bad but you will not get arrested Infidelity, abortion, interracial marriage, homosexuality, drug addiction Laws If violated you will get arrested Achieved Deviant Status Earn it by something you do by yourself Prostitution Ascribed Deviant Status Born into the status Poverty, handicap, drug addiction The 3 S’s of Deviance Sin: Moral failing, voluntary choice Evil, bad, going to hell Sickness: Medical, takes the blame off of them (“I can’t help it”) Obesity, alcoholism, depression, anxiety Selected: Voluntary choice model Drug dealing, gambling, eating disorders 3 Perspectives on Defining Deviance Absolutist Response of people to the act Internal, global, universal Not relative In you- what you have done or what you think Violations of God, morality, laws of nature Relativist No absolute right or wrong Moral boundaries that are pushed come from the community Deviance lies in the response of others
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Variation in time, consequences, who is involved Social Power Powerful/dominant groups in society make definitions of deviance to further their interests Official Statistics and The Career of a Crime 1/28/08 What are the official statistics? Pre-collected data Inaccurate Come from the government or an agency that comes from the government in the course of doing their normal jobs Statistics=numbers DUH Census, FBI->uniform climbers reports, FDA, child services, rehab centers, hospital emergency rooms Uniform crime reports – UCR’s Arrest statistics Crime in the streets not in the “suites” Official Statistics 3 Sociological Categories of Crime Property Crimes Burglary, theft, vandalism, trespassing, arson, grand theft, petty theft, shoplifting Crimes against the person Rape, robbery, assault, murder Victimless crimes Prostitution, gambling, distribution/drug dealing
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midterm 1 lecture notes - Defining and Identifying Deviance...

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