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Lab take home quiz - Cocaine is not tolerable to be put in...

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Courtney Colbert Deviance 1004-113 Due: 2/6/08 Take Home Quiz Identify 1. Cohesion, Solidarity, & Integration 2. Boundary Maintenance/Definition 3. Social Change 4. Full Employment Apply 1. The community would identify the insiders and outsiders as the ice cream shop who participated in the literally addicting ice cream, Suck My Cone, and those who did not participate in it, the outsiders, Lick It Up. Society’s reaction to this deviant act will be to not support Suck My Cone. It is debatable as to whether Lick It Up will suffer the same cost. 2. Society will not accept having cocaine in the ice cream at Suck My Cone because at this point in time cocaine is not acceptable in society. The boundaries of drugs are like all other boundaries—fluid and changing.
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Unformatted text preview: Cocaine is not tolerable to be put in restaurants in today’s world, not to mention it is illegal. Society will also not accept what Lick My Cone did because they stole the recipe to try and get ahead. 3. Society is not going to like that cocaine is in the ice cream. If a social change were to take place then other ice cream shops would begin to add cocaine to their ice cream as well and the norm may begin to change. 4. This scandal will provide many jobs for individuals. The investigators, police officers, court officials, media persons and all others that are put on the case are employed because of this deviant act. Society’s reaction will be to get as much publicity, scandal, and outrage out of this situation as possible....
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Lab take home quiz - Cocaine is not tolerable to be put in...

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