Lab 7 for Physics 1 for Engineers

Lab 7 for Physics 1 for Engineers - Experiment 7 Uniform...

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Experiment 7 Uniform Circular Motion
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Introduction In this experiment, we will use the Sargent-Welch centripetal force apparatus, timer, springs, and rubber bands too estimate the velocity of an object moving in uniform circular motion. We will also compare our calculated periods to the expected periods. To do this we will use the Sargent-Welch apparatus seven different times to find the velocity of the bob while attached by two different rubber bands and five different springs. First we balanced the top part of the apparatus with the bob attached hanging over the pointer, so that when we can calculate an accurate velocity. For the first six trials we make sure the pointer is as far as possible from the post. Then we attached one end of the rubber band to the bob and the other end to the post. Before we start spinning the bob, we find the centripetal force of the bob attached by the rubber band. To do this we attached a string to the other side of the bob and added mass to the string until it centered the bob over the pointer. This mass could then be used to find the centripetal force in this trial. Next, we did three trials of two revolutions per trial and recorded down the time it took the bob to make the two revolutions. With this data will now be able to calculate the average time, total error of time, the period, the error of time per revolution, velocity, velocity squared, error of velocity, error of velocity squared, and expected period. These same steps will be repeated for the other rubber band, but for the first four springs five revolutions will be used not two. For the last trial with a spring, the bob and apparatus will be releveled over the pointer so that the pointer is as close to the post as
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Lab 7 for Physics 1 for Engineers - Experiment 7 Uniform...

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