Lab 9 for Physics 1 for Engineers

Lab 9 for Physics 1 for Engineers - Experiment 9...

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Experiment 9 Conservation of Momentum in Collisions
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In this experiment, we use an air table apparatus, Velcro tape, two large paper sheets, and a ruler to find the change in momentum in elastic and inelastic collisions. In investigation one, we will measure the change in momentum in an elastic situation. First we leveled our air table and placed each air disk in adjacent corners of the table. While making using of a ticker that makes a dot on the paper every 30ms, we will push the two disks so they slide on the table and hit one another in the middle of table and then travel to opposite corners of the table. Next, we will record distances between five dots for each of the two paths before and after collision (so four paths total). From these distances we will then be able to find the velocity between each dot by dividing each distance by 30ms. Once this is done we then find the average velocity for each path. The error in the velocity for each path can then be found by taking the standard deviation of the velocities. Finally we will compute the magnitude of |(V1 +V2)| and |(V1' +V2')|, percentage change in kinetic energy, and percentage change in momentum. In investigation two we will repeat the same steps except we will put Velcro around the disks, so an inelastic situation will occur when the disks hit. Investigation 1 Data and Analysis Paths of Masses x1 (cm) x2 (cm) x3 (cm) x4 (cm) x5 (cm) Time interval (ms) 1 2.24 2.23 2.26 2.12 2.21 30 2 2.01 2.04 2 1.94 2.75 30 1' 2.5 2.54 2.31 2.44 2.57 30 2' 0.76 2.2 1.45 1.5 0.74 30 V1 (cm/ ms) V2 (cm/
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course PHY 152 taught by Professor Nelson during the Spring '07 term at Northeastern.

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Lab 9 for Physics 1 for Engineers - Experiment 9...

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