Comm 375 Paper - 1. Greenberg; Brown; Buerkel-Rothfuss;...

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1. Greenberg; Brown; Buerkel-Rothfuss; Media, Sex and the Adolescent . Hampton Press Inc. Cresskill, New Jersey (1993) The authors of this book examine and analyze research on the topic of sex in the media and how it affects the adolescent. They do this by examining past research and conducting studies of their own. They use this evidence to support the position that the media has a strong influence on the sexuality of adolescents. The intention of this volume is “to contribute to that role [of social scientists] by providing a body of new research evidence relating media sexual content to adolescents”(3). Before this book was written there had been very little research done in this field. Anything that had commented on the topic was usually a result of other research done on media violence, which was a very hot topic in the 1990’s. The authors ask eight questions at the beginning of the text that they attempt to answer throughout, but there are three which stand out as the main theme of the book. First they ask how much exposure do adolescents have to this content? Right now, American teens have more access to sexual information and misinformation than they have ever had before. There are thousands of cable and satellite television channels, as well as hundreds of different magazines that offer questionable content for children and teens. And one cannot forget the most powerful one of all: the internet. Studies show that children and teens spend more time on the internet than they do watching television. However there are some restrictions on what some children and teens have access to. Certain conditions such as economic status and parental supervision can restrict children from exposure to potentially harmful information. For instance, a family with more disposable income is more likely to have a satellite dish or digital cable with access to hundreds of channels, some of which
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Comm 375 Paper - 1. Greenberg; Brown; Buerkel-Rothfuss;...

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