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Final Paper - When deciding what communication practice we...

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When deciding what communication practice we could discuss in this assignment, we both drew upon our individual experiences traveling in other countries. One event that came up in our discussion was interaction with local people and asking them for help, particularly directions. This is a communication practice that comes up often both for the habitants of a country and the people who come to visit. It usually is processed in the following way. First a tourist asks the local a question like how to get somewhere, or whether or not a restaurant is good, etcetera. Then the local has the option of whether or not to respond, and then what matter to respond in. This whole process is culturally coded, but the part that most defines a culture in this situation is the response of the local when asked for help. We drew upon our experiences in France, Spain and Japan for our analysis of this. In France and Spain, when a person asks for directions, or is looking for help from someone who speaks English, the response is often negative and cold.
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