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1 1/28/2008 Virginia Tech - Prof. M. Garvin 1 CEE 3014 Construction Management Session 5 Virginia Tech - Prof. M. Garvin 2 DESIGN CONCEPT DOCUMENT BID START UP BUILD IMPROVE C 1. Concept Is there a need, what are the demands, what do we want built, how will we do it? C 2. Project Parameters Where will it be located, how will it be financed, when will it be complete? C 3. Prelim Estimate Have we done a similar one before, what do we think this one will cost C 4. Prelim Approval Will we satisfy the need, can it be funded, is it technically and financially feasible? D 1. Evolution How do we move from concept to final design, how do we optimize the design? D 2. Project Planning How will I assemble the project team, what is the contracting strategy? D 3. Parameter Estimate What are the main cost parameters, can I use these to refine the estimate? D 4. Funding Approval What are the cash flows, what are the risks, will this be a financial success K 1. Contract Drawings How do I develop the contract drawings, what role do they play? K 2. Contract Requirement What milestones must be met, what scheduling information is required? K 3. Engineers Estimate Based on the documents, what does the engineer believe the cost will be? K 4. Call for Bids What material do I assemble, what process do I use to call for bids? B 1. Designing Operations How do I design the construction operations needed to do the work? B 2. Bid Schedule How do I plan the work at bid stage, what are the main tasks, sequences and times B 3. Bid Estimate What methodologies are used to develop the contractor's bid estimate? B 4. Bidding How do I evaluate risk and reward to determine the final bid price? S 1. Mobilization What is needed to organize the construction team and mobilize the job?
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S08_CEE%203014_5_Preliminary%20Estimating - CEE 3014...

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