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Health policy notes april 1

Health policy notes april 1 - 4 Knowledge is shared freely...

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Health policy notes april 1 Notes on handout 1. Care based on continuous healing a. Patient and caregiver follows up b. What should the patient do to maintain the care 2. Customization of patient care based on their needs and values 3. Patient is the source of control a. Patient should have available to him or her the correct amount of information to make choice on health
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Knowledge is shared freely 5. Safety is a system property a. Every single level should be dedicated to the health care safety b. Bc of the breakdown or something bad happens to the patient 6. Aniticipating a patients need 7. Decrease 8. Corporations is a priority a. Patients records being made available 9. FIND OUT OTHER RULES...
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