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feb 26 notes - Executive Administration-regulations that...

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Isabel Wallisch Health policy notes Feb 26 2008 House -pelosi childrens agenda And the issue of health care for children SCHIP for children Role of health and human services and department of argicutlre -has most of the depts. That have policy responsibilities Regulations Delivery Financing Legislature Policy development - Issues : o Legistaltions o Identify the legislative priorites in regard to health o Establish programs shoud be brought online for carrying out policies
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Unformatted text preview: Executive Administration-regulations that are going to carry out the programs - how the particular programs are going to be staffed -over sight responsibilities-boards and commissions Financing-legislative and executive-health is not a state mandate!- functions of govt assigned to specific states etc 1953 pres. Eisenhower created health and human services Look at handout!!!!!!!!!...
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