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march 27 - Created a coalition of people to stop 1....

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Isabel Wallisch  Health policy March 27, 2008 End of the year plan: -April 1/3 3 rd  pillar of health care quality issues -April 8 public safety net April 10-22 class presentation April 8 th  research due (paper) Presentation prepare a one page summary that describes the plan to pass out make 35 -each group has the whole hour Jan 2007  -coalition  16 organizations 1. American association. Of retired persons 2. American academy of family physicians a. Rural people care 3. American hospital association a. Nonprofit  4. American med association 5. American public health association 6. American health insurance plan a. Lobbyist
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7. Catholic health association 8. Families USA 9. Federation of American hospital  private hospitals 10. Johnson and Johnson 11. Kaiser Permanente 12. Pfizer 13. United health foundation 14. Project hope 15. Us dept of Commerce
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Unformatted text preview: Created a coalition of people to stop 1. National association of counties 2. National conference of state leg 3. National conference of governors Search for common ground-putting companies together etc to international groups-eco and social research group-international peace keeping Luring group 04-05 spent a year to agree on what they wanted to meet about 05-06 agree on what 006-07 agree on the issues Came together with the proposal of: SEE SHEET Kids 1 st initiative -John Kerry - January 2005 Driver for what the democrats. Said at beginning of session reauthorization of SCHIP-cover the 4 million kids not originally covered- found way to have rapid enrollment Creating a new family tax credit for purchasing health insurance for children...
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march 27 - Created a coalition of people to stop 1....

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