march 13

march 13 - -2000 o 3 billion$-6.3 billion$ in insurance...

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Isabel Wallisch Gov notes March 13 2008 Factors that increase the premiums 1. 2002 report Increased consumer demand - Aging populations - Baby boomers 55-60 - Increased 24% between 2001-2005 - Will increase by 41% IN 2010 - Males o Doubled in 45-54 group Prostate cancer - Band name vs. generic drugs - Demand for new technologies o Imaging o New laser technologies 6. Litigation and defensive medicine 7%- 5 billion a year - Legal award o 43% increase in level of awards since 2000 o $500k in 1995 to 1 million$ in 2000 o Should there be a cap n medical malpractice awards? - Malpractice insurance premiums o Average increase of 20%/year - 1996 o 289$ million
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Unformatted text preview: -2000 o 3 billion$-6.3 billion$ in insurance premiums in 2002 3. Practitioners bowing out a. Ob-gyn b. Nero surgeons c. General surgeons 4. Defensive medicine -prescribing more treatments, drugs- 79% of physicians prescribing more than necessary- 74% referred to spet more than necessary (DONE IN NY, but also in entire country) 5. law suits -class act on lawsuits -doctors that are in a medical group, suing the entire group-HMOs-doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, against maunfacturs of pharmecutical and medical devices Fraud 5% and 3 billion dollars...
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march 13 - -2000 o 3 billion$-6.3 billion$ in insurance...

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