Rough Draft 1 - Bobby Moran Last week I had an Economics...

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Bobby Moran Last week I had an Economics exam and figured the only real good place to study without interruption was at the library. Come to find out the library was just as noisy as the dorm room, between the computers humming, coffee machines brewing, printers printing, and all the other machines emitting noise I felt like I was at a mechanical orchestra. Yet still for some reason I stayed there and studied because it was indeed the quietest place to study, but also because the noise was not that detrimental to my studying. I left with a good gist of what was on the test, but if I had to get into specifics I do not think I could have really described in detail what was asked of me. Having an in depth comprehension of a subject rather than understanding the gist of the main idea is really beneficial. The only problem with that idea is with so much going on in and around our lives it is almost impossible to really sit down and really comprehend what we want to learn, therefore we just take in the main ideas and just leave it at that. I take a class required for my Residential Academic Program for undeclared students called OASIS. The class is designed to help transition students from high school to college. One concept we touched on was deep versus shallow learning. While reading Zengotita’s essay “The Numbing of the American Mind.” His argument that there is just too much information for American’s to process sparked a connection between deep and shallow learning methods and how much we have to comprehend compared to how much is thrown at us by advertising, the media, and many other sources of
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This essay was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course ENGLISH 112 taught by Professor Cohen during the Fall '08 term at UMass (Amherst).

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Rough Draft 1 - Bobby Moran Last week I had an Economics...

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