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The number one issue with Affirmative action is the college admission process. According to Affirmative action certain racial groups are judged on lower standards, also schools are pressured to fill a racial quota that is supposed to encourage racial diversity, instead it is just a mechanism of racism that should be done away with. Race should no longer be an issue with admissions. One issue raised with that ideology is that not everyone comes from the same circumstances it is unfair to not accept applicants from certain school districts because the school system in that district is flawed. This is a completely valid and crucial point. Certain schools
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Unformatted text preview: offer a better education In my opinion people that are wealthy are at the advantage because they have the financial backing to get better services to maximize their qualifications. What should be considered though are the financial background and the circumstances the applicant came from. Not everyone comes from the same circumstances. Instead of basing the system on race, the system should be based on the quality of schooling the applicant came from. There is no possible way to compare an inner-city student to a private institution....
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