underage drinking - Bobby Moran In society alcohol is a big...

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Bobby Moran In society alcohol is a big issue, it always has been. The constitution was amended to prohibit it, then amended back to allow it. Alcohol has been around for as long as people have been able to brew it. Even during Prohibition when alcohol was banned it was still being brewed. Today kids entering high school are introduced to alcohol on a large scale for the first time. This does not make sense because by law alcohol consumption is illegal to people younger than 21 years old. The problem is enforcing this law is almost as hard as strictly enforcing the speed limit, eliminating speeding completely. It is highly improbable that speeding would ever be completely eliminated. Well the same thing goes for underage drinking. Therefore it makes sense to just lower the drinking age to a more reasonable age, but with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Drinking and young ages can lead to undesirable situations that can only be avoided with maturity. So the great debate continues over whether or not to lower the drinking age, and if not lower it how to make enforcing the law more effective. As a college student under 21 years of age many would anticipate a heavy bias towards lowering the drinking age, but the thing is even as a freshman in college many young adults have a lot of experience with alcohol and know that there are definitely negative effects that come with alcohol consumption. Even though I do feel that the drinking age should be lowered for my own personal beliefs I also have experienced the negative things that are associated with alcohol also and know that by lowering the drinking age negative things probably will happen. Besides whom better to ask than the people breaking the laws restricting them how they feel about it. First off the enforcement of the underage drinking laws in this country is a joke. The
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underage drinking - Bobby Moran In society alcohol is a big...

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