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annotated bibliography - Bobby Moran My Topic: Why do...

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Bobby Moran My Topic: Why do adolescents abuse adderall Source One- Weight loss and adderall Raymond, Joan. "The "new" diet pills." Health 21.3 (Apr. 2007): 85-86. Academic Search Premier . EBSCO. [Library name], [City], [State abbreviation]. 29 October 2007. < This article describes how people use adderall and other drugs as a form of a weight loss pill. It is one of the abuses of adderall. Although this article uses a middle aged women as the subject, many young adolescents are using the drug to curb weight and look skinny. It also gives information on how they got the pills by “borrowing it from a friend” which many adolescents do. The article also describes how Doctors are frustrated with FDA approval of so many weight loss pills that they are happy to prescribe medications used to treat other disorders to help curb weight loss. Then it tells that the risks aren’t worth the benefits of taking adderall for weight loss and that by self medicating “you could set yourself up for a deadly electrolyte imbalance or nutritional deficiencies. It also describes the side effects include Insomnia, chest pain, and can become a habit. Source Two Studying and Adderall
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annotated bibliography - Bobby Moran My Topic: Why do...

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