Prospectus - Bobby Moran Prospectus for Unit II My topic is...

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Bobby Moran Prospectus for Unit II My topic is why people abuse adderall. More specifically I am directing the topic to adolescents, and even more specifically students. This topic is important to me because I was prescribed adderall in 7 th grade when I was diagnosed with a learning disorder. The doctor said it wasn’t necessarily ADD, but a weird form. People knock all those ADD tests but when I got the results back from mine I achieved near genius in one section, and only well above average on the other. The doctor said that at most there should be only a 5-7 point difference in the scores, but my score had a difference of 14; nearly double the expected amount. The doctor didn’t know specifically why that happened and said that in simple terms one section of my brain is processing so quickly that my other side can’t keep up and that’s why I was having trouble. He prescribed me adderall, and ever since then my grades have been top notch. Secondly, I take a course at UMASS called My Body, My Health. During lecture one of the guest speakers said that adderall was the most overprescribed, but under prescribed drug in America. I want to know why. I also have seen many students in high school and college using adderall to study. The thing is kids also use adderall as a party drug to snort and get a high off of. I have seen my friends use it for a weight loss pill also. I want to do research to see the statistics and why people use it. There are many groups that hold an argument in my topic. Parents, doctors, students that are prescribed adderall, students that aren’t prescribed adderall but still use it. Like the different groups of users such as for weight loss, partying, studying, or just to maintain their lifestyle.
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Prospectus - Bobby Moran Prospectus for Unit II My topic is...

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